Sunday, January 5, 2014

Day 10: Singapore

The Anthony Bourdain approved Tian Tian chicken and rice

Oyster omelette

Nanyang old coffee - made in the same way as initial immigrants to the island

Ridiculously good

First durian experience

Post Thai massage chilling with R

The famed Maxwell food centre

Orchard road

Another Anthony Bourdain fav, and infamous/famous travel blog destination: Sin Huat Eating House
The servers aren't allowed to take your order, only the grumpy chef Danny. And even then, he doesn't so much take your order as tell you what you will eat. There is also no menu or prices until the end

Who knew veggies could be so delicious

Stuffing shells into coconuts

Squid steak

Likely the best shrimp I will ever have on Earth. This dish along with the crab vermicelli here make a sufficiently compelling case for visiting Singapore


The star of Sin Huat

Hard to convey how big this fish was in a picture. R said it's meant to feed 30+ people

Roof top bar that brews their own beer. The beer itself wasn't close to as good as what G and I brewed last summer, but you're here for the views of Marina bay